Heritage Rooms & Suites


Indulge in a warm and cordial stay as we offer a total of seven charming rooms spread across three unique buildings - Tungi, Kancha Ghar, and Pakshi Niwas.

We take pride in offering you a homely yet enchanting accommodation experience that embraces the regal heritage of the past. Each building holds its own story and allure, providing a delightful stay that seamlessly blends comfort with the captivating echoes of history.

Our Rooms

1 Suite Room | 1 Deluxe Room


Enjoy a relaxing stay at Tungi with picturesque views of the riverside and tranquil pond.

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2 Executive Rooms

Kancha Ghar

Enjoy direct access to the inner courtyard from your room at Kancha Ghar, providing a sense of openness and connection to the surroundings.

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2 Suite Rooms | 1 Penthouse

Pakshi Niwas

Indulge in added luxury with personal drawing rooms at Pakshi Niwas, providing a private space to unwind and relax during your stay.

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From modern conveniences to personalized services, we strive to provide you with a memorable and comfortable experience.

Stay connected with our complimentary free Wi-Fi, allowing you to keep in touch with loved ones or catch up on work while enjoying the tranquility of our surroundings. Start your day on a delightful note with our complimentary breakfast, featuring a range of delectable options to suit your taste.

In your well-appointed room, you'll find geysers to provide you with hot water whenever you need it. For those who prefer a hot beverage in the comfort of their room, we offer electric kettles to complement your stay.

Our flexible menus ensure that your dining experience is tailored to your tastes and dietary requirements.

While most of our rooms are equipped with air conditioning for your comfort, we offer one room with a cooler, perfect for those

"Your Home Away from Home: Experience the best of both worlds."

who prefer a more traditional cooling experience.

Although we are located in a village and subject to occasional power fluctuations, worry not, as we have a reliable power backup system in place. However, please note that the power backup excludes air conditioning and geysers.